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Photograph: Douglas Timmermeyer

Painting in a moment, based on a lived collective culture, communal memories. I consume, collect visual items, trinkets, and all paraphernalia from old books to parking valet stubs. Referencing modern culture, abstract pop environments, using text, corporate advertising and imagery, song lyrics, literary quotes, history, and along with cultural icons. Everything that interests me and anything that affects me can go into the work. I believe everything has the capacity to stand for something other than what is apparent.

I’m drawn more to talking about process. How a painting is created.
The relationships developed and built between the elements in a painting. Wanting to read a painting in the literal sense is relegating the work to one dimension. In the sharing culture of today, one feels they’re entitled to understanding the so-called magic of creation. There is an intense need to 
be validated before one can pass judgment... unwilling to be alone with what one sees. Painting is part of a lived experience, intimately involved with one’s own perception of life. I’m not making conscience choices to confront the audience. What I do is completely intuitive, a trust that creates a visual and emotional environment. My art is an accumulated process of knowledge, memories and perceived experiences. 


S.G. Starr, 2018


* One Person Show



New Paintings *

Winston Contemporary Art, Houston, TX

Curator: David Mcgee




36th Arts International 
International Museum of Art, El Paso, TX
Jurors: Regina Basha - Curator, Texas Fine Art Assoc., 

Adair Margo - Chair, President’s Committee for the Arts and Humanities,

Graciela Nardi - Director, Latino Arts Museum. 

Multiple Means

Houston Community College Gallery, Houston, TX

Curator: Douglas Blake



Gulf Coast National

Texas Artist Museum, Port Arther, TX

Juror: Merideth Jack, National Juried Show


Compulsions *

Art Square Gallery, Houston, TX


Assistance League of Houston 

Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX

Juror: Terrie Sultan - Director, Blaffer Gallery, 

National Juried Show


The Dishman Competition 

Houston, TX

Juror: Doug Lawing - Director, Lawing Gallery, Houston, TX


The Big Show 

Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX

Juror: Sara Kellner - Executive Director, Diverse Works


Visual Arts Alliance 18th

Best of Show Award

Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX 

Juror: Lucas Johnson, National Juried Show




Visual Arts Alliance 17th

Sanford Grumbacher Gold Medallion Award

Williams Tower Gallery, Houston

Juror: William Otton - Faculty/CalArts, Valencia, Ca: 
Annual National Contributing writer - ArtForum,

Frieze and Parkett, National Juried Show


Texas National

SFA Gallery, Stephen F. Austin University: Nacogdoches, TX 

Jurors: The Art Guys, National Juried Show


Assistance League of Houston

Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX 

Juror: Bruce Guenther - Former Chief Curator Museum of Art,

Orange County, New Port Beach, CA

Stephen Graham Starr *

Shoe Market Gallery, Houston, TX 




The Big Show

Lawndale Art Center, Houston TX

Juror: Lane Relyea - Faculty/CalArts, Valencia, CA 

Contributing Writer - Artforum, frieze & Parkett


Laurie Waller & Stephen Graham Starr

Weekend Gallery, Houston, TX

Curator: McKay Otto 






Please contact me with any questions, inquiries, or if you would like to be added to my mailing list. Thank you for visiting.

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